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Resin flooring is an incredibly popular option for many spaces, from residential homes to industrial workshops and warehouses. With so many different options to choose from, it is not hard to find a particular kind of resin flooring that suits your needs – as long as you know what to look for.

Whether you are looking for domestic resin flooring or something for a commercial setting, we at Pro Resin Flooring always aim to give our clients the best resin floors possible. 

Each one of our new floor options can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements, from aesthetically pleasing details to practical changes.

Our expert team has been involved in a huge variety of past projects, handling countless flooring installation projects and building up a deep pool of varied experience. 

Each of our specialists is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to serve as a resin flooring expert, either alone or working as part of a larger project.

Throughout all of our work, we aim to provide the best possible care and results for our customers, meeting every flooring need and preference possible. 

Our resin flooring experts are able to provide bespoke resin floors with ease, refining the flooring idea until it perfectly matches your expectations.

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Who Are Pro Resin Flooring?

We at Pro Resin Flooring are a team of specialists with a shared focus on resin flooring. Our wide range of industry experience with handling resin floors allows us to provide bespoke resin floor options for our clients, producing suitable flooring systems for your own personal requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Our ability to create seamless, high-quality and extremely durable epoxy resin flooring systems sets us apart from many other commercial flooring companies. 

We can provide everything from pre-installation planning to post-installation floor maintenance, along with the installation process itself.

We rely on our industry experience to produce the best resin flooring solutions we can, from careful quality assurance checks to the perfect finish. 

Every resin floor that we create is meant to be aesthetically pleasing and practical in equal measure, tailored to the client’s needs.

Why Choose Pro Resin Flooring?

We can offer the best epoxy resin flooring solutions available in August 2022 and beyond, aiming for extremely high quality and a range of core benefits in each floor we create. Our family of specialist teams know how to approach each resin flooring project to get the best possible results.

Having worked with both large and small clients, we can keep your resin flooring options suitable for clients of all sizes, matching their needs perfectly. Our resin flooring systems are meant to be versatile and easily customisable, allowing us to match customer needs perfectly.

Over 20 Years Experience in Resin Flooring

With over 20 years of industry experience in the UK resin flooring and epoxy resin flooring markets, we know how to provide resin floors that are a step above the competition. 

Each resin floor we create goes under numerous quality assurance checks, especially if we add unique additions or features on top of that.

Accredited Resin Flooring Installers

Our work has earned us multiple major accreditations and certificates within the resin flooring industry. 

As professional resin flooring installers working in a variety of markets, we have received awards and praise for particular parts of our work, such as quality assurance checks and overall resin flooring quality.

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Resin Flooring Near Me

We can offer resin flooring to any client within the wider UK, offering our installation services to anybody who needs them. 

Whether you require domestic resin flooring in a rural area or epoxy resin flooring for a commercial setting in a larger city, we can provide it.

While domestic resin floor is a large focus of ours, we provide more than just domestic flooring. Our flooring can work in a range of domestic, industrial and commercial settings – after all, the flooring used in domestic garages would also work in a warehouse garage.

Types of Resin Flooring We Offer

Our wide range of resin flooring options means that we can provide resin floor installation services to any client, no matter what kind of resin floors they are looking for. Commercial, industrial and domestic resin flooring solutions are all equally viable, and we can produce resin flooring systems tailored to your specific needs.

Each type of resin flooring we offer can have unique benefits and drawbacks. However, with so many ways to customise the resin flooring we offer, we can also optimize our resin floors to match with your physical or aesthetic requirements.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Our epoxy resin flooring is incredibly versatile. All of our epoxy resin floors are highly durable, to the point that they are stronger than a conventional concrete floor and can withstand a massive amount of wear and tear without showing any obvious signs of damage.

We offer resin floors that are crack-resistant, chemical-resistant, and easy to customise. This allows us to produce epoxy resin floors or epoxy coatings that are suitable for specific roles, such as epoxy flooring that can resist water damage through its seamless design.

It is not hard to arrange the installation of our epoxy floor options. Simply contact us and talk with us about the epoxy floor options you need, then arrange for the installation of a suitable epoxy floor type when you know what you are looking for.

Polyurethane Resin Flooring

Our polyurethane flooring systems are ideal for any industry that handles consumable products, such as restaurants or breweries. 

The added chemical and slip resistance ensures much greater protection from spills, making it a pragmatic choice for any space where spillages are common.

Beyond that, polyurethane flooring systems can also benefit from additional hygiene, protecting against germs and disease. 

This kind of resin flooring is suitable for both wet and dry conditions, offering excellent strength in either case.

Cementitious Urethane Flooring

This seamless cement or concrete-like floor provides extremely high durability and excellent slip resistance, requiring very little maintenance to keep itself in one piece. 

The improved thermal shock and chemical resistance also make it a popular resin flooring choice for laboratories or industrial facilities.

The ability to handle extreme temperature changes can make this a surprisingly versatile resin flooring option, meaning that you can even use it as domestic resin flooring in spaces that are exposed to the elements very often (like porches and conservatories). 

Unlike epoxy resin flooring, this resin flooring type is mixed with its own unique cement blend.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

PMMA resin flooring solutions can provide enhanced strength, non-toxic protection against corrosive chemicals, improved resistances, and very low maintenance requirements. 

Improved impact resistance reduces the amount of damage that a PMMA floor will take during an average workday, too.

These floors can last a lot longer than a standard epoxy resin floor, and they are highly customisable. 

This allows the PMMA resin flooring to be customised to suit multiple roles, especially considering that it can cure rapidly at temperatures as low as zero degrees Celsius.

On top of that, PMMA can offer additional electricity resistance and a longer-lasting overall lifespan, making it an effective choice for serious industrial spaces that handle a lot of hazardous chemicals or tools.

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How Do I Choose the Right Type of Resin Floor?

Finding the right resin flooring for your needs is not easy, but that is why our specialists are here. 

If you are not sure how to approach resin flooring as a first-time buyer, then it is important to listen to resin flooring experts to get an idea of what might suit your needs best. Our staff have a huge range of experience with countless flooring options, making us an authority on resin flooring in the UK.

Finding the right type of resin flooring means understanding your needs, as well as the specific traits or features (such as seamless oil-resistant floors for domestic garages) that might be most important for your resin flooring choices.


Industrial spaces often value seamless, durable resin flooring highly, whereas commercial and domestic resin flooring does not always need the same level of industrial durability standards. However, more durability is always a good thing when it comes to avoiding floor damage.

If you think that durability is important, then it can be a good idea to prioritise that first and foremost. A lot of our resin flooring options can be stronger than a concrete floor, providing a greater level of protection with fewer downsides or weaknesses.

Chemical Resistance

Our resin floors can often offer great chemical resistance, allowing each resin floor to withstand more chemical damage without being eaten away or corroded. This is especially important for a resin flooring surface in commercial and industrial spaces, doubly so for resin surfaces covering metallic surfaces.

Improved chemical resistance can keep the resin surfaces and the surfaces underneath safe from damage upon contact with corrosive chemicals. A resin floor like this also tends to be good at avoiding stains and can form a great top coat for metallic surfaces or other easily-corroded materials.

Slip Resistance

Resin floors with added slip resistance become a lot safer to use, which matters a lot in all kinds of spaces. Even the most basic domestic resin flooring often comes with slip resistance elements that improve safety and reduce the chances of accidents, especially if the floor is wet.

Temperature Resistance

Temperature is mostly a factor in industrial spaces, but it might also matter if you are using underfloor heating at a high setting. 

Resin floors need to be able to withstand the temperatures that you will put them under, and a weaker resin floor might suffer permanent damage if you expose it to extreme heat or extreme cold.


It is always a good idea to aim for a resin floor that is aesthetically pleasing, and that means finding a resin floor that matches your personal aesthetic choices – or the general feeling of the space that the resin floor is meant for. 

This matters most in commercial and domestic spaces – where visual elements are personal and meant for the customers or brand identity, respectively.


While this might fall under aesthetics, the colours are a distinct part of finding the visual style that you want. Our resin flooring systems can come in a range of colours, with options to customise the resin flooring you get even further. If you have specific preferences, then we can deliver something that matches them perfectly.


The texture is another element of aesthetics that should be considered separately. You need to decide if you want an aesthetically pleasing texture, a practical one that offers more grip, or even something that combines both to create a space that is both functional and nice-looking. This can be much more important than you might first think.

Nationwide Resin Flooring Installers

As some of the UK’s most prominent resin floor installers, we understand how to provide effective resin floor and epoxy resin floor solutions that can match your needs perfectly. Whether you are getting a new resin floor for your family home or replacing some services in a commercial warehouse, finding the right option for your situation is extremely important.

Domestic and commercial installation is one of our main services, but it is not the only one. We can also offer:


We can help you maintain your previously set or poured resin flooring, making sure that you do not lose your resin floor too early due to damage. Most resin floor types can be repaired easily with the right skills, including complex epoxy resin floor systems.


If an older resin floor is not holding up to your standards anymore, then we can replace that resin floor with a brand new resin floor option that offers even better flooring benefits and features. Our work is seamless, ensuring that your new resin floors will not interfere with your old, existing resin floor.


We can offer seamless resin floor surfaces as an alternative to full-scale resin flooring installation, using our resin floor systems to create a resin surface over another floor type. This can have a range of major applications, and many of our resin floors are designed to be used in this way rather than installed from scratch.

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Resin Flooring Costs

The cost of a resin floor depends on the kind of resin floor option you end up choosing. 

On average, across all kinds of resin flooring, you can expect to pay between £7 and £15 for each square meter of resin floor – although different resin flooring systems have their own expected price range.

We can provide quotes and cost breakdowns to help you figure out which resin flooring options will suit your needs and goals. 

Figuring out your price range and the resin flooring options within that range is the first step to knowing which kinds of resin floors you will want most.

Resin Flooring Manufacturers

As professional resin floor manufacturers, we consider it our responsibility to provide resin flooring to the highest standard of quality we can reach. 

This means refining our resin and epoxy resin flooring to be stronger, more appealing, and seamless upon installation.

We can also provide custom resin flooring options made using particular blends of resin or epoxy resin options that can better suit your resin flooring needs. This could also include highly specific things, like custom smoothing systems for a poured resin floor.

Whatever you need, we can offer it. Do not hesitate to get in touch and talk with some of our experts about what you need most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resin floor?

A resin floor is simply any floor made primarily of resin. These are generally applied in liquid or viscous form, occasionally with unique smoothing systems to help even out the floor itself.

How much does a resin floor cost?

A resin floor will cost different amounts depending on a range of factors, from the kind of resin (such as epoxy resin and non-epoxy resin) to the scale of the flooring work. Even something small, like seamless flooring along a slope, may change the overall cost of the floors.

Is resin flooring durable?

Even the most basic poured resin floor can be durable if handled correctly. However, some floors come with added benefits that make them tougher, such as epoxy flooring that uses chemical-resistance substances on the surface to shrug off chemical damage.

Are resin floors slippery?

Resin flooring is slippery when wet, but even standard domestic flooring can get non-slip and non-skid treatment. This makes the surface less slippery and provides more grip, which can be especially important in a place that handles vehicles, like a domestic garage or commercial car dealership.


Our seamless resin flooring options ensure that you can get floors constructed to meet your exact needs and standards. We have a huge range of flooring options on offer, as well as multiple ways to customise the flooring to your tastes and requirements.

Working with us opens up a lot of options for improving your flooring, whether that is seamless connections between two areas of flooring or complete overhauls of the flooring materials. 

Our experts know how to handle all kinds of flooring elements and tweaks, even if they are meant for unconventional bespoke projects.

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